The Workshops:

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1
Minibeast Safari

Key Stage 1

Litter Bugs
Paper Makers
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Plant Life
Key Stage 2
All Levels (Years 3 – 6)
Classifying Pondlife
Classifying Minibeasts
Seed Dispersal
Paper STIXX Construction
Recycled Paper Making
Cosy Homes
Rocks and Weathering
Soils and Soilmakers
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Years 5 and 6
Earth, Sun and Moon
Body Shapes
Food Chains

Key stage 3 and 4


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About the workshops:
• All our workshops involve investigation and include recording of results where applicable.
• Please note, the times of year that we offer each workshop will differ in line with seasonal changes.
• Primary school workshop times are usually 10am – 12noon or 1pm - 3pm. These times can be changed by mutual   agreement.

• We facilitate the workshops, but supervision and health and safety remains the school teacher’s responsibility, we    request that you bring enough adults for the adequate supervision of the children.
• Supervision: KS1: please bring a minimum of 4 adults per class (but not more than 12 adults) KS2: please bring a   minimum of 3 adults per class. If your class has less than 15 pupils, a minimum of 2 adults per class is sufficient.
• For outdoor sessions, please ensure that students (and teachers) are dressed appropriately for a woodland environment.   This means sturdy flat footwear, be prepared for shoes to get dirty/muddy.
  In addition, in cold and wet weather, students should have a waterproof coat/ jacket with hood. In hot weather a      
  head covering is advisable. Also it is strongly recommended that students have their legs covered to protect from   nettles and other thorny plants.
• Contact us   if you would like any further advice.

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